Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All Android Polaroid Tablet Firmware

WARNING! - It is very important to find your exact Model AND Build loed on the back of the tablet before performing a firmware upgrade. Performing an upgrade to the wrong tablet will result in the tablet being "BRICKED", rendering it useless as well as voiding your warranty. To find your exact Model and Build , look on the back of the tablet next to the Polaroid logo as shown below, then match those s to the corresponding Model and Build from the list.
Current Firmware Versions:

704 Firmware Download:
704_Firmware_4.0v.1_OTA_download link

PMID10C Firmware Download:
PMID10C_Android 4.0v1_OTA_download link

PMID4300 Firmware Download:
PMID4300 - Latest version - download link

PMID4311 Firmware Download:
PMID4311_Android_4.0v1+2_download link

PMID700 Firmware Download:
PMID700 - Latest version - download link

PMID701C Firmware Downloads:
PMID701C - Android 2.3 - download link
PMID701C - Android 4.0 - download link

PMID701i Firmware Downloads:
PMID701i 10 - Android 4.0 - download link
PMID701i 13 - Adnroid 4.0 - download link
PMID701i X10 - Android 4.0 - download link
PMID702C Firmware Downloads:
PMID702C_Android 4.0v3_OTA_download link

PMID703C Firmware Downloads:
PMID703C_Android 4.0v3_OTA_download link

PMID705 Firmware Downloads:
PMID705_Android 4.0v1_OTA_download link

PMID705_Android 4.1JBv1_OTA_download link
PMID800 Firmware Downloads:
PMID800_Android 4.0v1_OTA_download link

PMID900 Firmware Downloads:
PMID900_BN05. link
PMID900_BN05. link
PMID900_BN06. link )

PMID901 Firmware Downloads:
PMID901_BN06. link
PMID901_BN06. link

PMID901X Firmware Downloads:
PMID901X_BN06. link

PMID906 Firmware Downloads:
PMID906_BN05. link
PMID906_BN05. link
PMID906_BN06. link

PMID910 Firmware Downloads:
PMID910_BN05. link

PMID910_BN06. link
PMID910_BN06. link
PMID1000 Firmware Downloads:
PMID1000_Android 4.0v1_OTA_download link

PMID1000B Firmware Downloads:
PMID1000B_Android 4.0v1_OTA_download link

PMID1000D Firmware Downloads:
PMID1000D_Android 4.0v1_OTA_download link

PTAB7XC Firmware Downloads:
PTAB7XC_Android 4.0v3_OTA_download link

PTAB7200 Firmware Download:
PTAB7200 - Latest version - download link

PTAB750 (Kids Tablet) Firmware Download:
PTAB750_Firmware_4.0v1.2.1_OTA_download link

PTAB8000 Firmware Download:
PTAB8000_Firmware_SD_OTAv2_download link

Note: if you are on your tablet and download any of the above links, the file will download automatically to your tablet, but you must copy this file to your computer before performing the firmware update, and then perform the update ON YOUR COMPUTER.http://flashfilestore.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

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