Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All Latest Stock Rom Update Free And Flashing guide !!

Firm,All Stock Rom , All Update Software in one links. All Flash File
Moto G & E Moto G(2nd ) Moto G LTE Moto X Moto X (2nd ) Firmware + Flashing guide
Note: Use mfastboot command instd of normal fastboot command EX:mfastboot flash boot boot.img

Downloads Required:

Download & install adb fastboot driver Here

DriverMfastboot driver
· Firm Moto E (XT1021, XT1022, XT1025)
· Firm Moto G (XT1063 / XT1064 / XT1068 / XT1069)
· Firm Moto G (XT939G, XT1008, XT1031, XT1032, XT1033, XT1034)
· Firm Moto X (XT1049, XT1050, XT1052, XT1053, XT1055, XT1056, XT1058, XT1060)
· Firm Moto X (XT1092 / XT1097)
· Firm Moto X (XT1092 / XT1097)
· Firm Droid RAZR M (XT907)
· Firm Droid Ultra (XT1080)
· Firm Droid X (MB810) / Milestone X (MB809)
· Firm Electrify 2 (XT881)
· Firm Electrify M (XT901)
· Firm Milestone / MotoQRTY (A853, XT702)
· Firm Milestone 2 (A953)
· Firm Milestone 3 (XT860, ME863)
· Firm Milestone XT720
· Firm Photon Q (XT897)
· Firm RAZR (XT910)
· Firm RAZR HD (XT925)
· Firm RAZR i (XT890)
· Firm XOOM (MZ601, MZ602, MZ604)
· Firm XOOM (MZ601, MZ602, MZ604)
· Firm XOOM (MZ601, MZ602, MZ604)
· Firm XOOM (MZ601, MZ602, MZ604)
· Firm XOOM 2 (MZ607, MZ608, MZ616)
· Firmware DROID BIONIC XT875 Verizon USA Jelly Bn 4.1.2
· Atrix 2 MB865 ME865 Latest Firm
· Atrix HD MB886 Latest Firm
· Atrix MB860 Latest Firm
· Defy MB525 Latest Firm
· Defy+ MB526 Latest Firm
· Droid 4 XT894 Latest Firm Download
· Droid 2 A955 Global A956 R2-D2 A957 Latest Firm
· Droid 3 XT862 And Milestone 3 MA (XT861, XT883) Latest Firm
· Droid A854 And A855 Latest Firm Download
· Droid Bionic (XT875) Firm Download
· Droid MAXX (XT1080M) Firm Download
· Droid Mini (XT1030) Firm Download
· Droid RAZR (XT912) Firm Downoad
· Droid RAZR HD (XT926) Firm Download

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