Tuesday, May 24, 2016


1.Auto Get the Driver Name Before Boot The Phone <Support All MTK & SPD >

2.Tell You what Mobile need Hold the Boot !!!

3.MTK EMMC Flash IC Auto Switch Others Box Flash File To Dragon Format...

1.Software Auto Get the Driver Name(USB) Before Boot the Phone (MTK & SPD)
2.Add New Flash Support in MTK 6572
3.Adjust MTK 6572 NAND Format
4.Adjust SPD 6825\8825 Rd Flash[B](beta)
5.Adjust SPD 6825\8825 FormatB](beta)
6.SPD Chip Add Screen Rd Support
7.Adjust MTK EMMC Write All
8.Add Coolsand/RDA 88094009 (8851CL) CPU Full Support
9.Add 220 Rd Info\Rd Flash\Format Support
10.Adjust MTK 6573&MTK 6575 Write Flash (Some Set After Write DSP Software Auto Close Bugs Fix)
11.Some Bugs Fix Download link………..http://www.gsm369.com/gsm-forum-pics/Dragon%20V3.48.rar

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