Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I7500 Flash Files Download

You lucky, lucky Brits. Alrdy home to more Android devices than us, you guys can now officially purchase the Galaxy I7500 from O2. Stop by a O2 retail store, hd online to o2.co.uk, or even phone in an order to grab 's first Android device. The Galaxy is a grt Android phone that has been kind of swept under the rug in the US (probably because the Lite version has gained traction).Anyone in UK buying a Galaxy? Alrdy using one?
I7500 Flash FilesOr FirmI7500XXIG8 - I7500XXII8 - I7500XXJC2 - I7500JVIL2 - I7500XXIG8-Greece - I7500XXJC1-ItalyI7500XEIG1 - I7500XEIH2 - I7500XEIH5 - I7500XEII4 - I7500XEII5 - I7500XEJC5 - I7500XEJC6Download Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SQLLWA2S


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