Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I8150B Firm Downloads

's Galaxy S2 may be the most desirable Android handset on the market at the moment thanks to its massive screen and ferocious dual core performance, but those ftures demand a high price that not everyone can afford. This is partly why has crted the Galaxy W. It has a more standard-sized 3.7inch screen and a relatively modest single core processor, but it's also much more affordable as you can pick it up for around £228 SIM free and for free on a £22 a month contract from Three, who supplied our test handset.

's Android have never looked particularly butifully – even the styling of the S2 is a little bit ho-hum in our opinion and sadly the Galaxy W doesn't do anything to change this. I8150B FirmAndroid 2.3.6- I8150BVJKK1 / ZTMKK1 Brazil TIM - I8150BVJLB1 / ZTOLB1 Brazil- I8150BVJLB1 / UWHLB1 TPA Panama- I8150BVJLM2 / ZTOLM2 Brazil

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