Tuesday, May 24, 2016

uineCheck Portable

for MinimalistsWebsite: http://www..com/
Size: 1.14mb - 1.96mb
Synopsis: i posted this a few yrs ago.. but deleted it due to disabling uineCheck during 8 deployment. has now restored the service, and even requires for mundane downloads. It's almost as if they had seen my disparaging remarks concerning uineCheck and the unnecessary trash it left behind. This new version has been improved in that department.. however.. for some OS.. a few items are still left behind. If you're like me and prefer privacy.. then this tool is what you want.
How to install: extract to desired loion, launch uineCheckPortable.exe
Stlth [?]: Yes
CRC: 9A29156F
Dependencies: None
Minimal requirements: XP or newer, 32/64.
Download: uineCheckPortable_1.9.42.0_English.paf.exe

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